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FAQs Attendance

I would like to book a  holiday in term time, am I entitled to 10 days holiday?

  • No. Holidays will not be authorised during term time.

My child has 90% attendance, that is good isn’t it?

  • No, in relation to the amount of days absent over a year it would equal 19 days absence, nearly four weeks off school.

My child has odd days off now and again, surely they are not going to miss too much?

  • These odd days can surprisingly add up and during this time they could be missing out on crucial learning.

My child is only absent when they are ill.

  • If your child is ill you need to contact school to let them know.  If your child is persistently absent due to illness we may request medical confirmation e.g. Doctors certificate.

What difference does it make if my child is a few minutes late?

  • Arriving late causes disruption and can be embarrassing for the child. e.g. Walking into class when everyone is working.
  • By arriving late they can miss the initial teacher input which would make it difficult for them to understand the lesson.